I'm Carol

Based in Berlin, I am a Design Lead who is passionate about workshops facilitation, engaging cross-functional teams in problem discovery to create meaningful and validated solutions.


I'm Carol

I am a senior designer with eleven years of experience. Based in Berlin, I have been designing for health as a Senior UX/UI Design Manager at Heartbeat Medical Solutions. With a broad experience, my main goal is to lead product teams, creating meaningful solutions trough design.


Kindly called Carol or Carô, I'm from Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, and since January 2018 I've been living and working as a designer in Berlin, Germany.

I've been a product designer (UX/UI) for a few years now, but in my 12 years of experience I also have worked with branding, communication design and marketing. My broad design background, combined with my passion for design thinking have recently lead me to becoming a strong workshop facilitator and a designer leader, fostering collaboration and advocating for new ways of working.

A fan of remote work, I like to travel, to read, to chill in the park and to have friends over for dinner. I'm a cat person and living in Germany has made me a plant person as well. I'm a native speaker of Portuguese, but I also speak English, Italian, and a little bit of German.


Design LeadershipDesign strategy, project management, roadmap planning, recruiting, mentorship

Workshop facilitationDesign sprint, retrospective, design thinking, team building, product strategy, lightning decision jam, etc.

Product DesignUser journey mapping, user flow, low and high-fidelity prototyping, user interface and interactive mockups, design system

Discovery ProcessUser research, user interview, problem definition, ideation and brainstorming, usability test, etc.

BrandingBrand strategy, brand guidelines, graphic design, visual communication

Research and user interview

Personas, user journey map and user flows

Low or high fidelity wireframes

Detailed user interface and interactive mockups

A/B testing, heat map and usability testing

Design thinking workshops and design sprint facilitation

Project management, agile and scrum 

Facilitating Growth

Design Team Lead at CoachHub
Berlin, Germany

Since April 2020 I'm leading the design team at CoachHub to help democratise coaching. As part of a cross-functional team, I'm connecting brand and product designers to shape and evolve CoachHub's design language and deliver the best experience to our users.

  • Fostering design maturity growth
  • Evolving brand guidelines and design language
  • Defining a new and unified Design System for our 3 personas
  • Improving design processes and implementing discovery processes with UX Research
  • Facilitating workshops - design thinking, design sprints, lightning decision jam, remote team dynamics, etc.
  • Growing the design team from 3 to 7 designers in both Product and Marketing teams
  • Mentoring communication and UX/UI designers to promote personal growth



Selected projects